Taleo Grill

IMG_21323309 Michelson Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 553-9002

Happy Hour: Tue-Sat 4-7 pm, Sun-Mon 4pm- close, at bar area. $5 Margarita, $4 Draft beer, and $5 Appetizers Parking: Free lot.

Taleo is one of those upscale Mexican restaurants with nice decor and pricey menu. However, its happy hour price is pretty affordable. The happy hour is bar area only, which is actually pretty big and has some nice tables.

Bar Area / Happy Hour Drink Menu
Bar Area Taleo Happy Hour Drink Menu

HH Tostadas $5 / HH Cucumber Jicama Margarita $5HH Tostadas $5 HH Cucumber Jicama Margarita $5

Tostadas are pretty good. The cucumber margarita doesn’t taste too special by itself, but it gives a really special flavor when you drink it with the hot powder (tajin powder perhaps? ) Another appetizer I got was the crab cakes. They are two for $5 in happy hour, and three for $16 from the regular menu. Is that the best deal or what?

THE Carnitas that everyone’s talking about (on yelp) $21
Carnitas $21

The free chips and salsa is not bad. They also have some nice spicy salsa for $1.

Yelp Review Highlights

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“I will also recommend the tres leches cake as previous posters have.” (in 23 reviews)

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“Very very tasty, would definitely order a carnitas dish upon return.” (in 55 reviews)

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“For dessert, they highly recommended their “World’s best flan.” (in 27 reviews)

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