Father’s Office @ Culver City

3229 Helms Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 736-2224

Father’s Office 在 Culver City 這間,後面就可以停車;店裡一進去就是很長的吧檯,一整面很多tap beer,牆上有食物的菜單,整間裝潢很不賴,桌椅不多,戶外區跟室內差不多大,有滿多有暖爐的位子。

Father's Office @ Culver City Beer Tabs

Peche Lambic,水蜜桃味的啤酒,超甜像是水果氣泡酒,很適合女生。

Peche Lambic

FO 跟它的 Burger 也是 westside 相當火紅的地方,聽說常常都大排長龍,我們這次是禮拜五晚餐後的冷門時段,店裡倒是人不多。本來想說點個薯條來當下酒菜吧,看別桌的都超小一份耶,就沒點了。

Yelp Review Highlights 

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"great sweet potato fries, great burger, awesome beer selections." (in 380 reviews)

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"I also want to check out the Santa Monica location." (in 64 reviews)

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"The quality of the beer and the selection is always great." (in 495 reviews)

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